Work Order Management

Work Order Management is the bottom line of all maintenance operations and includes the identification of maintenance issues via work requests, and gives you the capability to carry out maintenance work through work orders. By generating a work request, you start a process, notifying the maintenance supervisor that a problem is encountered and resolution is requested. Promaint Workflow is utilized to route work requests through the approval process. If work is considered necessary, the work request is accepted and a work order is generated for the request. Through the recording and analysis of crucial asset information, companies can make great decisions on the maintenance and effective utilization of assets and rebuildable inventory items.

Here is what covers under work management:

Work Management
  • Work request (Unplanned) and their approval.
  • Work Order creation and approval against unplanned work request and preventive maintenance.
  • Work Order processing and review work flows.
  • Project association with work orders to find out the project costing.
  • Work hand-over (ability to hand-over uncompleted work to another crew member).
  • Ability to post comments and work time by work orders, project or crew.
  • Flexible work completion process option (for specified work steps and /or work orders).
  • Data capture at work order completion (meter readings, failure data).
  • Meter data / machine utilization data entry.
  • Attach SOP to work orders to increase safety procedures.
  • Manage Inventory, Labor, and miscellaneous cost incurred in maintenance.
  • CFR 21 Part 11 implemented for work orders processing and completion.