Logistic & Distribution

How Promaint CMMS helps in Logistics and Distribution System

Efficient Supply chain management depends a lot on the logistics and Distribution system running at its optimum. A simple break down or unexpected wear and tear of the fleet without prior knowing or backup can result in colossal damages to the company in terms of revenue and vendor relations. With Promaint EAM software, you can have all details of your fleet in one place. This gives you an easy and one point access to the details of their maintenance, repairs, replacements, and TCOs.

You can set up meter readings in the software which will help trigger preventive maintenance and services when alerted. With the help of Fuel Consumption reports, you can track your vehicle’s daily or hourly requirements and identify anomalies if any.

The fleet managers can use the software to also identify and plan best possible routes for delivery which will reduce fuel consumption and increase output. Integrating with an ERP software helps you get a complete report of all the linked activities, helping you reduce unnecessary costs throughout the organization.

Logistics & Distribution