IT & High-Tech

How Promaint CMMS helps in IT & High-Tech Industries

IT industry is the backbone of many industries. With many new trends setting nearly every day, there is small wonder that companies need to be on their toes to be ahead of competition. With newer emerging concepts like Big Data, IoT, there is a considerable amount of pressure created on the current ecosystem to evolve and adapt. While doing so, it is also necessary to keep the current asset and infrastructure running smoothly.

Be it computers, servers or even heavy analysis tools, the company needs to know how the assets are performing. Downtime or upgrading can cost a lot to the company hence, they need to have full visibility of data before planning one.

Likewise, downtime or upgradation cannot be ignored for a long time since technology is dynamic and the company would not want to stay behind competition because of redundant technology.

With Promaint EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) software for IT Industry, keep a tab on all your assets along with user details and history of all the upgrades, maintenance done. Promaint EAM & CMMS helps you to categorize, assign and track assets along with setting up alert and notifications for important events and reminders. With the feasibility to track inventory in all plants, Promaint EAM software becomes a one stop solution for all your asset maintenance needs.

IT & High Tech