Asset Management

Promaint asset management solution, lets you keep a constant watch on your assets condition and performance, and manage the entire lifecycle of your equipment, facilities, and vehicle assets from acquisition, deployment, maintenance to asset retirement. Keep track of where your assets are located and what they cost with the help of hierarchical structure with the parent-child relationship that connects equipment, systems, and locations. Asset management delivers the following capabilities: Asset Moves and Transfers; Asset Check-in and Check-out; Asset Operation audit trails; related documents and safety procedures.

Asset Hierarchy

Promaint enables companies to setup assets in a hierarchical structure with parent-child relation that helps you to find and group assets as well as roll up assets costs.

  • Improve your asset performance through activities such as Failure Modes and Effects Analysis, Root Cause Analysis, etc.
  • Save Time during planned shut downs so that the need for multiple shut downs for individual assets is eliminated.
  • Calculate Total Cost of ownership and analyze repair vs. replace decisions.
Asset Management
Asset Management

Asset Tracking

Successful maintenance comes down to one thing – Asset tracking. To reduce failures, improve the ROI and keep the financials in sync, Promaint offers best in class tracking features which helps you to:

  • Extending life of assets by generating calendar and scheduling maintenance on time.
  • Be compliant of all the statutory regulations and documents.
  • Budget Accurately the required labor, material, repair and replacement cost.
  • Label and track assets with QR Code

Depreciation Calculation

Calculate the most profitable/valuable depreciation to maximizing monetary benefits from tax deductions.

  • Gain Visibility of your asset’s Warranty information, and insurance records.
  • Depreciation classes can be defined as per assets nature or category.
  • Different depreciation methods as per taxation and laws.
Depreciation Calculation
Document Control & Compliance

Document Control & Compliance

  • Policy, document, and process management function helps you to centralized and standardize your maintenance practices.
  • Document management functionality can be configured to trigger maintenance actions based on measured thresholds.