Why Choose Promaint CMMS Software?

Promaint CMMS enhances the functionality and performance of the maintenance workers due to the following outstanding features:

Complete Asset Management

Using the Plant Maintenance software, employees can keep live records of all work undertaken for every asset. They can schedule day-to-day tasks, record the entire history of assets, track dates when assets have been moved and transferred and maintain all documents related to individual assets.

Defensive Maintenance Module

As company assets call for time to time management, employees must be on their toes for delivering quick service instantly. By this feature, they need not store maintenance due dates in their mind and can leave everything on this software. Preventive Management is an enormous library that includes inspection, cleaning, lubrication and allied activities. Post maintenance, employees can also attach relevant files and maintain work order at real-time.

Manage Stock & Inventory

Another excellent characteristic of this software is its large repository of stock and inventory. Managers can track orders, gain higher visibility over prevailing stock, order new inventory and keep a detailed account of all assets within the organisation. And all these can be maintained across multiple plants and units of the business.

Detailed Inspection Management

Promaint CMMS provides a life cycle of all inspection work. It allows maintenance inspectors to schedule regular inspections, jot down their observations, record all check lists, maintain updated register of maintenance inspection, update results and again re-schedule the next inspection. With this, it CMMS brings the entire Maintenance Management and Inspection domain at one place.

360° Project Management

Above all, it helps in all-round project management. From initiative to final evaluation, the software serves as a virtual assistant to Plant Maintenance authorities. At any stage, it provides the relevant information and assists in smoother execution of all project work. Its interactive reports and dashboards displays all project-centric activities besides giving a live status update on project work. Users can utilise the software for managing various projects simultaneously.

With all these features, there are numerous Benefits of CMMS Software. Firstly, it helps people to work more in less time. There’s quick turnaround time, improvement in Maintenance Vs Replace decisions, smoother compliance management along with flawless management of project and asset documents. Secondly, the software substantially reduces energy or fuel consumption. Moreover, all the resources are ready at hand. Professionals spend less time in arranging things and can therefore concentrate on the core activity. Third one, it also reduces chances of asset failure or malfunction, thanks to its live maintenance alert feature. In the last, it facilitates cloud-based installation.

Thus, it keeps people 24*7 connected, gives mobile access only to responsible individuals and delivers information on-the-go.