Preventive Maintainence

Preventive Maintenance is a library of procedures that contain inspection, cleaning, lubrication, and regular maintenance job. Preventive Maintenance Schedules are linked to assets and are consequently planned as work orders based on meter readings, or time interims. Preventive Maintenance schedules help an organization run more efficiently and productively, with less unexpected work requests (breakdowns) because the asset is well-maintained.​

Here is what covers under preventive maintenance:

Preventive Maintenance Scheduling
  • Rule-based preventive maintenance strategy definitions (date, time, or meter rules).
  • Base date/ base meter preventive maintenance.
  • Associate multiple PMs with a single asset or vice versa.
  • Multiple task and parts association with PMs (bill of material and routing).
  • Multiple user’s association with PMs for alerting users on due maintenance schedules.
  • Work order management against PMs.
  • Files attachment facility with PMs.